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In 1998, our founder joined a small IT team at the nation's oldest independent law school, located in Chicago Il. Its servers were housed in an elevator closet. There was no wifi, no help desk and little to no security. His mission: to transform this basic situation into a sophisticated technology infrastructure.
Over the course of 15 years, he had seen the use of "modem pools" for student computer labs (which allowed students to do embryonic online legal research).
He saw a dribble of students using laptops in the late 90s (which quickly became a flood); he installed the first wireless network at any Chicago law school, witnessed the rise of distance education, and finally, the advent of cloud-based email systems.
One of his primary responsibilities was to develop and implement a strategic vision for the future of IT for the institution. To do so, he had to have a “seat at the table”. As the first CIO of the institution, he worked closely with internal and external stakeholders to create a realistic agenda that helped guide all parties in making solid IT decisions. It was through collaborative teamwork and collegial relationships that allowed him to coordinate the strategic integration of traditional education with new and emerging information resources/systems.

TechNoir Solutions Leadership Team

TechNoir Solutions’ experienced leadership team is a passionate about service execution and leveraging technology to power clients to success.

James Velco

James storied career in IT spans close to 30 years, all at the forefront of technology. As a CIO, James is always looking holistically at technology and business outcomes.

Shawn Sumner

Shawn's prior experience prepared him well for his current role. His background in IT management and engineering ranges from manufacturing to financial services and hospitality. His passion is audio engineering.

Pavan Thummalacheruvu

Enterprise Dev/Ops
Pavan has been able to work with some of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world. He brings his experience in digital transformation, process automation and application development to lead TechNoir Solutions' DevOps team.

Doug Wolfe

Doug brings an extensive, 20 year background in enterprise AV and collaboration engineering and design. Consulting with some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world, Doug has a deep knowledge of creating collaboration systems that work. 

Amy Velco

With over a decade of litigation and contract management experience, Amy's background is key in developing client relationships.

Jason Chriskie

Client Development
Jason tailors success plans for enterprise clients by engaging at the executive level. This strategic approach, combined with Jason’s expertise in MSP services, UCaaS/CCaaS, Teams/collaboration tools, and SaaS sales, propells him to deliver exceptional value and service.

About TechNoir Solutions

We are a technology services, solutions and support firm with the ambitious desire to help businesses, and their people, succeed. Our team genuinely cares about delivering results that drive better outcomes.

Why Work with TechNoir Solutions

Our results speak for themselves. The clients we work with are IT savvy, understand the value o technology for their businesses and look for consultants that deliver stellar results, not just off-the-shelf fixes.

Comprehensive and Holistic Services

Our full portfolio of Managed Services, Professional Services, and Collaboration Services enables every one of our clients the ability to work with a vendor that can provide a holistic range of business IT products and services. Have you ever thought about eliminating finger pointing between service vendors and wishing your best performing vendor could cover more of your services? Now you can.

Driving Innovation

Innovation drives business forward. For example, innovation can provide a smaller, nimble businesses the ability to leverage new technologies.

With innovative new capabilities, small businesses have the power to compete with large monoliths. James Velco has a long history of recognizing the potential of new innovations before they become mainstream.

Empowering Businesses

In 2014, James Velco founded TechNoir CIO Solutions, bringing decades of enterprise technology management experience. The goal? Provide wholistic IT services to businesses that needed technology leadership skills.

The company was founded on the principal of being a technology advocate, or a “technology fiduciary”, who works in the best interests of our clients, to enable their businesses to grow. This is still our mission.
“As founder 
of TechNoir
Solutions, I bring nearly three
decades of
 senior technology
leadership, positioning us as a
 partner for
businesses nationwide”
James Velco
“As founder of TechNoir CIO Solutions, I bring nearly three decades of senior technology leadership, positioning us as a top technology partner for businesses nationwide”
James Velco
Fun fact

The Company’s Name

The name, TechNoir, comes from the 1984 movie “The Terminator”.  TechNoir was the nightclub where the Terminator first locates Sarah Connor.
Fun fact

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