• $200,000 is the average cost of a data breach for companies of all sizes
  • 90% of breaches occur after hours
  • Cyber insurance underwriting now requires the use of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) software
  • Ransomware threat actors target SMBs 82% more than any other businesses
  • Limit your exposure on your end points and cloud environment

What is Managed Detection and Response?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a framework of AI, data security and human interaction designed to be the ultimate security for your computers. These systems work together to provide real time threat detection and stops the spread of ransomware at its earliest stages.

That’s the elevator pitch.

But you are asking, why is it important to my business?

MDR provides a layer of protection that threat actors (bad guys) cannot escape. The AI gets loaded on a computer. It then watches what programs are running and what process are being used on a typical day-to-day basis.  If the AI notices an unknown program or process running (that matches the ransomware profile) the AI will do one of two things.

One, it can immediately shut the computer down. This stops the spread of ransomware in its tracks since the threat actors no longer have access to the computer or network. The AI then sends an alert to the SOC, letting the security technicians know there has been a breach. The SOC team will reach out to the client’s technical contact, alerting them to the breach.

Or two, the AI can send an alert to the SOC, letting the security technicians know there has been a breach. The SOC team can remote into the computer and start remediating the threat, preventing the spread of the bad guys on the network.

Why is Managed Detection and Response Vital?

So MDR, uses AI and human intervention to stop ransomware attacks. This is a huge advantage for you, it gives you leverage against attacks on your data.  However, there is one other, very important thing that MDR can do for your business.

If you are looking for or are renewing your cyber insurance, you will have to complete the underwriting process. This process has become extremely stringent lately and one wrong answer can cost thousands on your policy. Why is that?

Over the past several years, insurance companies have had to pay out vast sums of money to cover polices that were written before ransomware was a huge problem. Insurance companies like money; they like to keep it. Writing policies cyber insurance policies had to change.

In response to the payouts, the insurance companies decided to hire security professionals to help them create more a more rigorous underwriting process. This process now requires a technical professional to fill out a 10–20-page underwriting document that details the security systems that are in place. One of the common requirements the insurance underwriters are looking for is MDR.

Depending on your line of business, insurance companies may require you to have MDR in order to qualify for a policy. In other cases, if you don’t have MDR, your premiums could be considerably higher.

TechNoir Solutions Partners with Blackpoint MDR

TechNoir Solutions is proud to be a partner with Blackpoint, the leader in Managed Detection and Response technology.

Blackpoint was built by former US Department of Defense and Intelligence security experts who are focused on stopping malicious tradecraft and safeguarding your business. With decades of real-world cyber experience, the Blackpoint and TechNoir Solutions’ teams leverages insider knowledge to help you fight back and thrive, not just survive in the threat landscape.


When an attack occurs, detection and response times determine whether attackers succeed in their efforts. MDR fights back threats within minutes. It closes the gap between the identification of an event and the actual response and remediation. By immediately isolating endpoints,  the MDR stops the threat from moving laterally into other systems.

The Leader in Managed Detection and Response

Real-World Threat Expertise
Founded by former National Security Agency (NSA) cyber operations experts, the Blackpoint team continues to bring nation- state grade technologies and tactics to organizations around the world.
24/7 Managed Detection and Response Protection
Blackpoint’s Managed Detection and Response solution provides 24/7 protection against even the most advanced of modern-day cyberthreats. Sleep easy knowing they guard your business around the clock.
Rapid Detection & Response
Faster than any other solution on the market, Blackpoint’s world-class SOC combines network visualization, tradecraft detection, and endpoint security to detect lateral movement in its earliest stages and stop the spread.
True, Action-Focused Approach
Blackpoint detects and detains threats on your behalf immediately. By the time you hear from them, the threat has already been triaged and removed from your environment. Trust them to provide real action, not just notifications.


Patented Real-Time Threat Detection

Through proprietary security operations and incident response platform, our world-class SOC hunts for active threats in your environment and neutralizes them in their earliest stages. Their technology is built from the ground up to give their analysts the ability to continuously monitor and respond to the modern threat landscape.

24/7 Incident Monitoring & Response

Established by former US government cybersecurity operators, Blackpoint leverages its deep knowledge of hacker tradecraft and real-world cyber experience to provide 24/7, unified detection and response services.

Rapid Deployment

The world-class, nation state-grade cybersecurity ecosystem is designed to serve businesses by completing the hard work for you. While other services on the market take days and weeks to tune events, they offer same-day agent deployment and start protecting your diverse environments within minutes.

24/7 Fully Managed SOC Protecting You

Thrive, not survive, in the threat landscape

Have your managed detection and response service installed and protecting you within a matter of days. Trust TechNoir Solutions to provide a streamlined onboarding experience so you can get coverage without compromising your efficiency.

The reality: There is no immunity from a Cyberattack

In today’s cyberthreat environment, small to medium-sized businesses are finding themselves in the crosshairs of cyber criminals. Immunity to cyber threat doesn’t exist, so staying agile and building a proactive defense is critical in protecting your operations.

More and more, traditional cyber technologies such as anti- virus or anti-malware are not enough. As more modern businesses face a high demand for affordable and effective cybersecurity, how will you respond when advanced adversaries set their sights on you?

Defining the Value of a SOC

Protecting your business is synonymous with protecting your customers. That’s why businesses who are serious about their cybersecurity invest in a SOC to benefit from in-depth security expertise, human threat analysis, 24/7 monitoring, and immediate incident response. Having a SOC means responding faster, minimizing damages and costs, and safeguarding data and business continuity.

Combining SOC with True 24/7 MDR Services

A SOC is equipped to identify and prevent cyberthreats in real-time. Regardless of how many endpoints, networks, assets, or locations an organization spans, SOCs provide a centralized view to ensure that they are monitored and performing as needed.