Cyber attacks: Now stronger, quicker and smarter.

Based on new reporting, there are some security trends that are raising eyebrows.

cyber attacks: Stronger, faster and much more sophisticated

First, attacks are now faster than ever. The time to breakout (the time the attacker can move within your network after getting in) has dropped significantly. Current trends are now 62 minutes compared to 84 minutes last year.

Not positive news.

Attacks are becoming more common, aswell. Reporting has identified an additional 34 new, active, cyber cyber-criminal groups. The total is now over 230 groups in this space.

In addition, the attackers are getting smarter and more sophisticated. The reporting highlighted a new record breakout time of just two minutes and seven seconds, making it difficult to mount a response.

Here’s the thing. The human factor has increasingly become the main entry for the new cyber-attacks. The attackers use phishing emails to lure employees into clicking on links in the email.

These links could take the employee toa fake login page, where they enter their login credentials, or the link may seem not to work. However, it does work. It loads a program in the background that allows the attacker access to your network.

What can be done to protect your business from cyber threats?

  • First and Foremost: Educate your employees

Make sure your team is aware of how cyber threats work and how to spot them. Regular training sessions on spotting phishing emails can go a long way in preventing costly mistakes.

  • Implement strong password policies

Encourage the use of complex random password. Yes, they are difficult to remember, but that’s the point, so get a password manager. Implement multi-factor authentication on all system logins.

·      Ensure systems are updated

Make sure all software and systems are up to date with the latest security patches. Criminals love to exploit known vulnerabilities and when they find one, they will use it to their advantage.

  • You must invest in cyber security software

Consider investing in reputable cybersecurity software that can detect and mitigate threats in real-time (we help with this).

  • Backup your data

Regularly backup any important local data and store it in a secure location. In the event of an attack, backups can help minimize downtime and data loss.

When it comes to cybersecurity, you can pay us now, or you can pay us later. Stay safe and stay ahead of problems that can disrupt your business.