We’re beyond excited to share some exciting news with you.In a strategic move, that underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence, we have merged with Innovative Environments, a renowned name in delivering cutting-edge commercial audio, video and meeting room services. This merger is a game-changer for us and aligns perfectly with where the technology industry is headed. Together, we’re ready to elevate your services, using a holistic and integrated approach to your business environment. This will happen, while maintaining the stellar service and technical excellence that you have come to expect from TechNoir Solutions.


What This Means for You:

1. More Services to Choose From:

By combining our expertise with Innovative Environments, we’re expanding our range of services. You’ll now have access to commercial audio and video solutions, meeting room design and management, all integrated together by the network. Now, you’ll have one team that can seamlessly manage audio and video solutions, meeting room management, network security solutions and managed endpoints. These new services perfectly complement our IT management expertise, providing you with a comprehensive,one-stop solution for commercial communication and technology needs.

2. Enhanced Insights:

Our combined strengths mean you’ll gain deeper insights into the ways your team communicates and the preferred methods of collaboration.This business intelligence can help determine areas where productivity can be improved. You will now be able to implement process improvement plans, with measurable metrics to ensure successful adoption by the organization. These services are designed to help you have better outcomes, faster.  

3. Unmatched Meeting Room Solutions:

Meeting rooms are a vital collaboration tool in the modern hybrid-workplace. With our newly added capabilities, we can ensure your meeting rooms are always operational and running smoothly. Through the use of managed meeting rooms and integrated help desk services, we can now offer even faster response times and more efficient, enterprise-wide troubleshooting to our support services.

4. Need Alignment:

Our merger allows us to better understand and tackle the complexities of the modern, collaboration driven business environment. This means our services are even more aligned with your evolving needs. We now have a holistic vision to help businesses, and their people, succeed

We’d love for you to visit our new websites, showcasing the expanded services we now offer:





This merger was possible because both companies share a similar commitment to providing our clients with innovation, top-tier service and knowledgeable support. While we’ve expanded the range and quality of ourservices, we’re still dedicated to keeping our pricing competitive. These exciting changes are designed to benefit your business, helping you achieve more with a partner who now has a truly holistic view of your goals and challenges.

We’re here to answer any questions and discuss how this merger can further support your business objectives. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager or email us at

We’re looking forward to bringing even greater value to your organization. Schedule an appointment with us to explore our enhanced service offerings—we’re confident you’ll be impressed with the benefits of our merger.

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Thank you for your continued trust and partnership.